12 Reasons Startups Miss out on Funding

Danielle O’Rourke is the CEO and Fund Manager for ROND Capital, a Nashville-based private equity firm.  Danielle also serves as a board member to Ovia and Clockwise.MD. Congratulations!  You’ve made it past a venture capital firm’s initial vetting process and have been invited to pitch your business. This is your chance to tell your story… Read More

Make or Break: 10 Keys to Financial Savviness

We’ll cut to the chase.  Very few companies make it to $1mm in revenue, with far less ever reaching $10mm. What separates those companies that have arrived from the many others? Quite simply, they know their numbers. If you aren’t overly confident in what your investable story looks like, or if you aren’t sure where you business… Read More

Building for Scale: The No-Fail Financial Foundation

Anyone who has gone through a process to build a home from the ground up knows that extensive manpower and material are required to establish a solid foundation. We don’t question the process because we know that in the absence of a solid foundation, nothing else matters. In the same way, and no less important,… Read More

Positioning Your Company for a Future Transaction: Charlie Brock

Part Three: Charlie Brock Charlie Brock has been serving as Launch Tennessee’s President & CEO since January 2013. Launch Tennessee is a statewide public-private entity charged with developing Tennessee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Prior to Launch Tennessee, Charlie served for a year as CEO of CO.LAB, a Chattanooga accelerator that runs the summer GIGTANK program. Brock is… Read More

Positioning Your Company for a Future Transaction: Graham Hunter

Part Two: Graham Hunter As we learned from William Seibels’ experience navigating the notable acquisition of Change Healthcare by Emdeon, intentionality is required for a company in its early stages to set the table for a future transaction – and a successful one at that. But before you get out your linens and fine china,… Read More

Positioning Your Company for a Future Transaction

Part One: William Seibels Attracting investors requires your company to have an investable story, and as William Seibels, former CFO of Change Healthcare Corporation, shares in the first of this three-part blog series, aspirations alone won’t get you the backing you need. So what can you do to position your company for a future transaction (and a… Read More

When Needed Cash Isn’t Wrapped Under the Tree

With your 2016 budget complete and officially decked with boughs of holly, you now know exactly where you are headed these next 12 months.  (Haven’t completed your budget yet?  Put down that eggnog and steer clear of Cousin Eddie – we’ve got business to discuss).  For some of you, there remains one tiny thing you… Read More

Two Cents from One of Nashville’s Startup Darlings

Note to the reader: We strongly advise you read this while serving yourself heaping spoonfuls of Nut Butter Nation’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon Peanut Butter. Go ahead and order seconds – this gooey goodness won’t last long. “I know Drew Hart [Inflammo’s Founder & CEO] first and foremost as a person of character that I am… Read More

The Four Steps to Your Secret Weapon

A recent Sunday spent driving down I-40 reminded me of the season upon us. Cars proudly displaying their respective collegiate teams set against a backdrop of changing leaves affirmed that the dog days of summer were only a memory. Amidst this flurry of seasonal activity and with the dawn of the final quarter of 2015… Read More

What’s With Your Company’s Name?

As with most great stories, Inflammo’s began long before what would appear to most as the beginning. (Happy early Birthday to us!) Through hundreds of coffee cups, networking events, and swapping of business cards, the one thing I continue to hear time and time again is: “So tell me about this ‘Inflammo’ – where does… Read More