Make or Break: 10 Keys to Financial Savviness

We’ll cut to the chase.  Very few companies make it to $1mm in revenue, with far less ever reaching $10mm. What separates those companies that have arrived from the many others? Quite simply, they know their numbers.

If you aren’t overly confident in what your investable story looks like, or if you aren’t sure where you business is headed tomorrow based on what the numbers say today, you are in the right place. The time has come to upgrade your level of financial savviness, starting with these 10 rules of thumb.


Did you pass the test for a financially savvy company with flying colors? If your answer is “no,” Inflammo helps companies on their journey to $10mm, building and managing the financial model that drives the investable story. We specialize in seeing startups operate with a level of financial savviness that will support the qualitative vision and entice investors. Email us today to see how we can propel you on your journey.