The Path to Growth: Your Financial Game Plan

We all knew it was coming. We knew January 1st would usher in a new year. Yet for many of us, we can still feel unprepared three weeks into a new year. As you scramble to consider how to make 2023 a success, we’re here to shine a light on something that might not be… Read More

The Secret to Simplifying When You Migrate Accounting Systems

When you have outgrown your initial accounting application, the reasons to migrate to a more extensive cloud-based accounting solution abound. Reducing time wasted on consolidations, enabling third party integration, and scaling up to real-time reporting for data-driven decisions are enticing to any growing company. The switch is inevitable when your hands are tied by a… Read More

The Mantra for Better Monthly Financial Reporting

We’re here to pose a critical question to fellow finance and accounting professionals: How much do you care when it comes to monthly financial reporting? If you’re wondering how we define care, hang tight. First, we want to suggest that far too many talented folks are settling for the status quo when it comes to… Read More

Transaction Readiness: Preparing Today to be Your Best Tomorrow

Sometimes we don’t know when a good thing is right around the corner. When you are not expecting that good thing, it can find you unprepared and scrambling, or worse… missing out altogether.   You have likely heard stories from those who have stumbled upon their dream home and quickly realized that they needed to get… Read More

The War for Talent: It’s Time to Capture the Heart

The best talent may be closer than you think. No, really! Have you considered recently that your best recruitment strategy is retention? What untapped talent is already in your office or on your weekly Zoom call? Most of us don’t slow down long enough to look and consider. You might be thinking, “I don’t have… Read More

When the Macro Calls for the Micro

Inflammo recently celebrated another trip around the sun. In seven years of perpetual whiteboarding sessions, only a handful have ever led to meaningful conversations about expanding beyond the realm of a typical accounting and finance offering. Until recently. We have always been that not-so-traditional company that manages your accounting and finance function so that you… Read More

Highlights from the PPP Flexibility Act

Congress and the President issued a positive response to PPP borrowers (“Borrower”) by signing the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (“PPP Flexibility Act”) last Friday (June 5, 2020).  The legislation provides several critical and more liberal changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) created under the CARES Act. As now is normal course for the… Read More

PPP Process – The Latest & Greatest

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the PPP process that final or definitive guidance from the SBA has not yet been issued as it relates to the loan forgiveness process.  This should not, however, preclude recipients of PPP loans from beginning the initial planning for the uses of funds.  Here are… Read More

PPP Funding – Where Things Stand

It’s official.  With the signing of the CARES Act, the race is on to prepare and apply for the new Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) as well as other eligible loans.  The information is flowing fast…this below information materially changed twice within a matter of a couple hours.  We just received word from the SBA with… Read More

606 & 842 – Why These Numbers Should Have Your Attention

Private companies often have the luxury of having reduced reporting and compliance requirements as compared to public companies; however, for those companies currently utilizing an accrual basis of accounting in its demonstration of financial maturity to investors, banks, accountants, etc., two recent accounting standards are coming your way, the compliance of which should have your… Read More