When the Macro Calls for the Micro

Inflammo recently celebrated another trip around the sun. In seven years of perpetual whiteboarding sessions, only a handful have ever led to meaningful conversations about expanding beyond the realm of a typical accounting and finance offering. Until recently.

We have always been that not-so-traditional company that manages your accounting and finance function so that you can focus on product development, sales, and delighting your customers – all the things that help you grow. And we focused on giving you the numbers in such a way that you could make the best decisions for your business.

As we continued discussing the most pressing needs of our clients and the obstacles that commonly impede growth for companies, we became convinced that we had to launch Rise – leadership development and employee coaching for highly-motivated professionals and their teams.

The more we envisioned Rise, the more we realized that growing companies need this – and they need it now.

The reasons are many, but we think they boil down to two primary reasons: the macro and the micro.

At a macro level, the roadmap for operating a successful company has massively shifted.

We all know that we find ourselves in an incredibly different professional environment. The craziness, chaos and confusion of the past 18 months has had a profound impact on all of us, as individuals as well as employees. Within our 9:00-5:00 days, we have vastly different wants and needs.

This different environment calls for a different kind of leadership – one that requires deeper engagement. It’s rare to find a leadership post these days that doesn’t speak to the desire for empathy as a capstone within the leadership mantle.

More than ever before, leaders must take time to know, see, and listen to their people. People are looking for connection, looking for meaning, looking for community – and they are expecting their employers and places of work to foster these deeper desires. And with much of this done virtually, the emotional intelligence of a ninja is required.

While the critical importance of revenue has not gone away, for many of today’s professionals, the definition of growth has evolved to include personal well-being and wholeness. Companies put growth on the line if they don’t account for these deeper and growing needs of their employees.

Talent wars, employee retention, employee engagement, productivity and overall cultural health require new strategies in this new business environment. And this new strategy calls us to take a look at the micro level.

When we zoom in, we find less complexity on the surface. When you remove the day-in and day-out clutter of business activities, you realize that business in and of itself is quite simple in its construct. Business is comprised of two things at its core – math and people, or math and relationships.

Inflammo has always helped its clients soar at the math part, doing all the heavy lifting on accounting, budgeting, financial modeling and more. But we’ve realized that if it is not paired with the right emphasis on people, on the team, on leadership, then we are only taking you so far in your growth story.

The formula for growth simply can’t ignore the people. The convergence of math and relationships is where the sparks fly, leading to meaningful and material growth.

There’s a reason why we said it seemed less complex on the surface. While the formula may be simple, the reality is that people are complex. Relationships can be messy – so messy that we tend to focus on other areas.

But we believe relationships matter – and they can make all the difference for growth.

At Inflammo, we want to help you and your team excel not just in the numbers, but in how you relate as people, as colleagues, as leaders. When you consider the amount of time you spend at work, you start to realize how formative, how impactful work is to who you are as a person. And who you are as a person has a significant impact on your work, those you work with, and yes, even the bottom line.

And that’s why with the launch of Rise by Inflammo, we’re excited to announce…

Our attempt to do our part at impacting the macro by focusing on the micro.

It’s our commitment to not only focus on the math but help you invest in your people, all in an effort to help you, your team and your company excel. Rise by Inflammo is bringing you team-based and one-on-one coaching services to help you accelerate growth and thrive in all things people, both personally and professionally. Find out how our next cohort could help you and your team grow together in relational insight. Get started growing where it matters most.