Inflammo Announces Exciting New Partnerships

Inflammo Partners with Jumpstart Foundry Through Starting Blocks Initiative

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Nashville business services firms to create Starting Blocks, a new offering that gives cohort companies, alumni, and Micro-Accelerator™ clients access to the best vendors in Nashville at pre-negotiated discounted rates.

“We’ve worked with a lot of startups and small businesses, and there are always two things founders don’t have enough of: time and money.” said Vic Gatto, CEO of Jumpstart Foundry. “We created Starting Blocks to help founders reclaim their time and make the most of their capital.”

Starting Blocks includes best-in-class vendors in Nashville ranging in services from brand activation to web development to legal services. All deals have been pre-negotiated at most-favored-nation rates in order to give young businesses access to the tools and services needed to grow their businesses at affordable prices. In total, Starting Blocks provides over $200k in savings opportunities across all offerings.

“At Life-Links Care Management & Advocacy, we are thrilled with the access to services provided through our relationship with Jumpstart,” said Gretchen Napier, CEO and Owner of Life-Links Care Management & Advocacy and JSF Micro-Accelerator™ client. “We would have been unable to afford to work with many of these providers, let alone all of them. And receiving better services at a higher value, means we have more time to focus on our own highest and best purposes.”

In addition to capital savings, Starting Blocks helps founders maximize their time. Finding, vetting, and negotiating with vendors is a time-consuming process that saps valuable time and energy. Starting Blocks eliminates this time cost as well as the risk associated with hiring an unknown vendor. Jumpstart Foundry has sourced, vetted, and negotiated the best possible deals.

“We understand the challenges that startups face,” said Patrick Altman of Eldarion, a firm that delivers MVP (minimum viable product) web applications, “With Starting Blocks, entrepreneurs will be able to focus on getting their product ideas to market at lower cost, risk, and time, than if they were to go it alone. It’s a perfect match for our mission of taking Ideas to Launch, Faster, and we are super excited to be a partner in innovating how startups are done.”

Starting Blocks includes 20 Nashville companies with negotiations ongoing to add other vital business services.

Full List of Starting Blocks offerings:

Fivestone Studios – Explainer Videos
Huckleberry Branding – Digital Marketing and Focus Groups
Patterson IP Law – Trademarks and Patents
Eldarion – Minimum Viable Product Development
Pointclear Solutions – UI/UX Design Services
LBMC – PEO, Accounting, Technology Management
Baker Donelson – Legal Services
Centresource – Mobile Development
Surge – Growth Strategies and Optimization
Rare Assembly – Website Development
The Skillery – Workspace
Good People Creative – SEO and Branding
Atmosphere – Creative Marketing
Inflammo – Accounting Services
Advocate Market Research – Market Research
Mountain – Brand Activation
Flocode – Development
Flo Co – Back Office and Advisory Services
Flo Thinkery – Creative Branding
Acklen Avenue – Development


Inflammo Partners with Jumpstart Foundry