Inflammo, LLC: We’re Your Finance Team for Hire

Drive toward success with a growth-minded accounting and finance function.

We know the confidence that you need to secure funding and lead your team. Our process, systems and support are intentionally designed to give you confidence and visibility for the way forward.

Let's Scale

You don’t have to choose between freedom and results. Our virtual accounting and finance support gives you both.

        • Remove the unnecessary uncertainty with a consistently clear financial picture
        • Relieve yourself from the day-to-day burden of insufficient resources
        • Receive support that can capably guide you toward meaningful results
        • Relax knowing that you have an accounting and finance function that is built for scale

We have supported 200+ companies, posting transaction upon transaction, closing thousands of month-end financials. Along the way, we earned an Inc. 5000 award and learned a thing or two in our journey. We bring that knowledge to support you along your growth journey.


Day-to-Day Transaction Processing

Month-End Financial Close & Reporting

Forward-Looking CFO Expertise

Let's Scale

Day-to-Day Accounting Services

Expertise and support for daily, weekly, and monthly accounting processes, delivered with timely, accurate and reliable month-end financial reporting to guide your business decisions

Accounting System & Migration Support

Ensuring you have the proper underlying cloud-based infrastructure in place to support your growth objectives

CFO Leadership & Transaction Support

Experienced resources for growth capital opportunities, transaction readiness, financial modeling, reporting,  process buildouts, and other growth projects

We don’t just fill your gaps.

We guide you toward growth.

Let's Scale
2,000+ monthly financials delivered
85,000+ hours of support provided
200+ teams empowered