Forty days. Twelve seats. One strong commitment to help you master the financial side of your business.

Establish a financial foundation that is built for scale. With Mastermind, you will be able to:

Implement either a new systems environment or new financial plan.
Gain confidence that you have the right systems and processes in place.
Find clarity for where you’re headed and how much cash you will need.

Ready to dive in?

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A Deeper Dive on the Mastermind

The Answer to Perpetual Lack

The 40-Day Mastermind is an accelerator program for entrepreneurs who want to get it right the first time instead of spending time and money later. Without a strong financial infrastructure and plan, the path forward is hazy. Perpetual lack fuels failure, and no one who starts a business wants to fail. Mastermind gives you what you need to drive toward success.

Through live coaching and expertise in the area you need, you’ll walk away with a solid financial foundation that can sustain you through growth. You’ll be able to know your numbers, clarify how much cash you need for the road ahead, and ensure you have the systems and processes in place to carry you forward.

Systems for Scale Implementation

Growth is hard to come by without the financial infrastructure in place to support it. With the systems for scale implementation, we will stand you up on an accounting application and we build out your systems environment. We get you setup on an accessible platform, connect your accounts, transfer in historical data and get the levers in place for you to know your cash position.

Financial Model and Plan Buildout

Knowing your financial forecast is key to clearing the way to success. It all starts with a dynamic financial model that is user-friendly and dynamic enough to woo investors. We will work with you to develop your financial model so that you can make decisions based in reality. A sophisticated financial model is your financial game plan that will open doors to capital, scalability and accelerated growth.

Dedicated CFO Day in Nashville

It’s hard to pass by a night in Music City. The 40-day Mastermind offers an option for you to spend one-day in Nashville with the undivided attention of a CFO. You’ll spend the day with Drew Hart, the Founder & CEO of Inflammo, recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. An 8-figure entrepreneur who has bootstrapped a company to the Inc. 5000, Drew and his team have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and their leadership teams in building out and supporting their accounting & finance function. Drew is also a former Investment Banker, helping dozens of business owners exit their business and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value. Drew has written numerous articles and appeared on several speaking stages and podcasts, teaching entrepreneurs how to gain confidence and clarity throughout their business journey.

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