We are Inflammo.

Why do we do it?

“Be The Light.” Three words, ten letters, one singular mindset behind Inflammo’s reason for being. We believe that everyone has gifts and talents. We further believe that these gifts and talents are not for us alone, but rather for the benefit of others. Our goal is not to exist, but to enrich, shadowing ourselves one project, one client, and one community of stakeholders at a time.

How do we do it?

We build our team with people you would want on yours — people with uncompromising integrity who make it a priority to inspire excellence. With seasoned CPAs, CFOs, and Investment Bankers under our roof, you have access to a multitude of skill-sets and experiences, collectively utilizing best practices and processes designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

What do we do?

Inflammo provides a comprehensive finance and accounting platform for growing companies. We believe better financials drive better decisions. Through proprietary tools, sharper reporting, and ridiculously great service, we’ll help you build a financial foundation that propels the amazing story you’re already telling. You can read more about the services we offer here.

Meet The Team

Annie Agin Annie Agin

Annie Agin

Staff Accountant LinkedIn
Shari Godley Shari Godley

Shari Godley

Partner LinkedIn
Nicole Madore Nicole Madore

Nicole Madore

HR Manager LinkedIn
Brittney Hill Brittney Hill

Brittney Hill

Staff Accountant LinkedIn
Jennifer Anderson Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Senior Financial Consultant LinkedIn
Ray Campbell Ray Campbell

Ray Campbell

Partner LinkedIn
Lance Fusacchia Lance Fusacchia

Lance Fusacchia

Partner LinkedIn
Drew Hart Drew Hart

Drew Hart

Founder & CEO LinkedIn
Cory Lay Cory Lay

Cory Lay

Senior Accountant LinkedIn
Ashton Nawas Ashton Nawas

Ashton Nawas

Accounting Manager LinkedIn
Sara Seacrist Sara Seacrist

Sara Seacrist

Accounting Manager LinkedIn
Samantha Sieks Samantha Sieks

Samantha Sieks

Senior Accountant LinkedIn
Matthew Thigpen Matthew Thigpen

Matthew Thigpen

Partner LinkedIn
Jackie Whitis Jackie Whitis

Jackie Whitis

Accounting Manager LinkedIn